Runflat systems

When every second counts, flat tyres cost minutes.

General Overview

Whether a vehicle is armoured or not, its ability to keep moving determines its value in an emergency situation. The ability to keep driving with one or multiple flat tyres can be the difference between life and death. TSS has partnered with Rodgard since the early 1980s to provide high-quality and reliable Runflat systems for armoured vehicles, police forces, VIP transport, Cash-In-Transit and many more applications.

When the tyre deflates, the Runflat system carries the load of the wheel and assures contact between the tyre and the road surface. It also keeps the tyre cantered on the rim, enabling acceleration, braking and cornering. All in all the Runflat allows for an extended range with flat tyres, varying from 5 to more than 100km, depending on the tyre height, the weight of the vehicle and the road conditions.

TSS International offers various types of Runflat systems and safety devices:
Rodgard Runflat systems (for OEM rims); Rodgard BPX (for TSS Heavy Duty Wheels); Hutchinson (M)VFIs (for 2- or 3-piece rims) and Rodgard SecureBands (also for OEM rims).

Scroll down for a further descriptions of each of these products.


Rodgard BPX Runflats.

During the armouring process, a vehicle becomes a lot heavier. Most vehicles with a protection against (semi-)automatic weapons and/or explosions cannot rely on their OEM rims anymore. For these vehicles, TSS has designed TSS Heavy Duty Wheels. Rodgard BPX Runflat systems are available exclusively for these rims. Matching the payload of up to 2200kgs, these runflats are the best you can get for a heavily armoured CAV.

Tested against various internationally recognised standards, BPX runflats are sure to get you out of the danger zone. FINABEL A20A (including ballistic procedure) is just one of the ways we have tested these durable runflats.

Rodgard BPX runflats have been designed specifically for TSS Heavy Duty Wheels and are easily and quickly installed. The hardware can be set to a torque and is serviceable.

Rodgard BPX Runflats – Specifications.

Rim sizes : 18” and 20” (TSS Heavy Duty Wheels)
● Ballistically tested
● FINABEL A20A tested (100km)
● High weight capacity (2000kgs)
● Easy installation
● Serviceable hardware
● Easy TPMS installation
● Quick delivery

Rodgard Runflat systems.

With its flexible design Rodgard Runflat systems can be taylor made for virtually each OEM rim with a unique part number, ranging in size from 15” to 22.5”. The system consists of two rings which are fitted into the tyre. The inner ring fits into the wheel well, centering the Runflat and stopping the tyre from leaving the rim when deflated. The outer ring supports the deflated tyre, enabling the vehicle to maintain its mobility.

The height of the Runflat is determined by a combination of the tyre height, the wheel load and the desired Runflat performance.

Rodgard Runflat systems are compatible with TPMS sensors and do not require special machinery to install. All Rodgard Runflat systems are designed to meet US military standards, but are mostly used on civilian (light armoured) vehicles.

Are you looking for runflats for a heavy Civilian Armoured Vehicle (CAV)? Click here to learn more about Rodgard BPX runflats.

Rodgard Runflat systems – Specifications.

Rim sizes : 15” – 22.5”
● No special machinery required for installation
● No minimum order quantity
● Performance available from 15km to 100+km (FINABEL A20A)
● No adverse effects when driving with inflated tyre
● Quick delivery possible
● Extended mobility without visual changes to your vehicle

Rodgard SecureBands.

For many soft skin vehicles, the budget for safety measures is limited. However, for these vehicles and their occupants, mobility can be even more important than for an armoured vehicle, due to the lack of external protection.

Rodgard SecureBand makes sure you can get out of the danger situation when one or more tyres are punctured. Blocking the wheel well, it makes sure that the tyre cannot run off the rim. You are able to reduce your speed, whilst maintaining control of your vehicle and navigate to a safe location within 5km of the tyre puncture taking place.

Rodgard SecureBand is the easy-to-install, lightweight, affordable safety device that extends the mobility of your vehicle.

Rodgard SecureBands – Specifications.

● Lightweight
● Easy to install
● Available for rim sizes 15-20”
● Control your vehicle immediately after a tyre puncture
● Adaptable to most OEM rims
● The budget-friendliest tyre safety device
● Short delivery time

Hutchinson (M)VFI runflat systems.

If you are driving your vehicle through an active combat zone, you will want to limit the chances of anything going wrong. Hutchinson Variable Function Insert (VFI) runflats give a combination of extra long runflat performance and a connection-free system: no hardware in the runflat! The integrated beadlocks allow you to adjust your tyre pressure without the risk of the rim slipping in the tyre.

Thanks to the construction of the VFI, it also has mine-deflecting capabilities. A steel wheel equipped without a VFI shows an 80% higher mine blast acceleration compared to a steel wheel with a VFI. If you compare a steel wheel without a VFI with a Hutchinson Aluminium 2-piece wheel with VFI, the difference is even greater: 145%!

To make servicing in the field easier, Hutchinson has further improved the VFI by making it field-mountable: The MVFI gives you the option to mount the runflat safely, quickly and without special machinery. The MVFI is available for rims up to 20” in diameter.

Thanks to its rubber composition, the (M)VFI has other advantages as well:

  • Tyre manufacturers recognise the advantages of using a rubber runflat in conditions where there may be contact between the tyre and the runflat
  • The rubber acts as a shock absorber between the road surface and your rims, decreasing the likelihood of damage due to sizable impact during off-road driving
  • Excellent bullet resistant capabilities

Hutchinson (M)VFI is the gold standard when it comes to runflats for military vehicles. The (M)VFI has been in use with armed forces all over the world in all kinds of terrain for decades. Make an enquiry below to find out how the (M)VFI can help your mission be a success.

Hutchinson (M)VFI runflat systems – Specifications.

● Lightweight
● Easy to install
● Available for rim sizes 15-20”
● Control your vehicle immediately after a tyre puncture
● Adaptable to most OEM rims
● The budget-friendliest tyre safety device
● Short delivery time


Further information on Runflat Systems  is available in these downloadable documents.

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Rodgard Runflat

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Rodgard SecureBand

Rodgard SecureBand

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VFI™/MVFI Runflat system


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